New Kind of Nutritional Rich Healthiest Foods Preparation Tips

June 29, 20200

New Kind

Healthiest Foods Preparation

To feel a good different taste, try a new dish. In that way, from our lots of variety nutritional rich healthiest foods menu, here go with some special varieties of dish and its preparation ideas.

To energize all your body metabolism, Til (Sesame) and Plantain Pith (Banana Stem) plays a significant role. In this busy scheduled days, many forget to intake this type of minerals rich foods. So, these two dishes are very important to consider in our routine life. For a healthy life, try out these two different instant recipes.

Til Rice (Sesame Rice)

Sesame Rice

Sesame Rice


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Boiled Rice

Sesame seeds

Fried Peanuts


Cumin seeds

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Urad Dal

Red Chilies


Gingely Oil

Cooking Procedure

Heat a pan and dry roast the sesame seeds by stirring it continuously till it splutters. Then grind the roasted seeds in mixie by operating at intervals. So, that it gives you a coarse powder or else it oozes out oil. In the same pan, next dry roast the red chilies, Urad dal, pepper, cumin seeds and grind all with salt to make into powder. Mix up both the sesame seed powder and this dry roasted condiment powder.

Add this mixed up powders to sapless (dry) boiled rice and stir. Now, pour gingelly oil in hot pan and add mustard seeds, Urad dal, curry leaves. After it splutters, add the seasoning to the rice. At last, add ghee and roasted cashew and serve the good nutritional rich sesame seed rice.

Plantain Pith Rice (Banana Stem Rice)

Banana Stem Rice

Banana Stem Rice


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Raw Rice

Plantain Pith

Green Peas

Baby corn

Coconut Milk

Sliced Onion



Green Chilies

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Bay leaf



Cumin seeds





Cooking Procedure

First, half cook the plantain pith, green peas, baby corn and keep aside. In a hot pan, pour oil, ghee and add bay leaf, clove, cinnamon, cumin seeds, sliced onion, cashew, mint, coriander leaves, and green chilies. Saute well by adding salt and wait till it gets its aroma. Then add the half cooked three ingredients plantain pith, green peas, baby corn and then add coconut milk.

Now, add sufficient water and wait till the coconut milk tends to boil. At this stage, simmer the stove and add raw rice. Allow the rice to cook along with the ingredients and leave it for one whistle. With nice odor, healthy plantain pith rice is ready.

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