Atchayapathra Foods Story: Value Of Home Cooked Meal Delivery

Path Towards Entrepreneurship

Our Beginings

Atchayapatra is the brainchild of three driven individuals with an ambition to make impact on business world. We stared our career as engineers working abroad in IT sector before shifting our path towards entrepreneurship.

Having spent most of our younger years on Madurai, we grew up on traditional and nutritious food that was served with care and affection. Since it was easily available, we took it for granted. Once we finished our graduate studies and went abroad for work, we found it difficult to adapt to the different food habits there. Though we fed ourselves to keep ourselves afloat, there was something missing.

For the first time in our life, we realized the value of home cooked meal. The taste tradition that was still lingering on our memories. Without the presence of rice as staple food, the use of lentils and spices, dried red and green chilies, coconut, and native fruits and vegetables our lives felt empty. Yet we somehow survived as we prioritized our career instead of or culinary preferences.


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Photo Courtesy Mini Studio

Behind The Shoot

Photo Courtesy Mini Studio

Behind The Shoot

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Chef Chuzimi

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Chef Chuzimi

Travel to Japan

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Chef South Africa

Travel to South Africa

Chef South Africa

Travel to South Africa

What We Think?

The food that we offer you is prepared in a neoteric factory, yet it is not the same as the regular food that’s available in hotels. Our food has the blend of taste that evokes the Homemade Feel.

What’s Your Expectation?

We are passionate about cooking. We experiment with different tastes and textures, tingeing from the South Indian culinary culture to create our own personal recipes.

What We Serve?

To have a South Indian meal, served on a banana leaf is one of the best experience you can have in Madurai. This town is famous for its exquisite food offerings and we offer the best meal in town.

Own Entrepreneurial Ventures

From Native

Years went by as we moved on with our lives and moved back to our native cities in order to establish our own entrepreneurial ventures.

One fine evening, as the three of us were hanging out reminiscing on our time at abroad, the topic of food came up. As we talked about how traditional food played a major role in shaping who we are and how many children and youngsters today get affected by over consumption of processed, junk food.

The conversation veered towards how the kids from nuclear family today lack healthy food due to the fact that both the parents are working that leaves very less time for cooking healthy food. Not only kids, young working professionals these days are affected by unhealthy food habits. Due to the unavailability of time and resources to prepare a wholesome meal, they just prefer outside food. Researches do confirm that eating outside on a long term basis often leads to drastic health issues.


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The Seven Wonders

Meenakshi Amman Temple

The Seven Wonders

Meenakshi Amman Temple

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Taste of Buds

Traditional Indian Food

Taste of Buds

Traditional Indian Food

Our Traditional Food

Expect the Best

At some point in the conversation, we realized that we can do something to address the issues we were discussing about.

Why not start a food supply venture to prepare and deliver nutritious meals? After all, we had extensive knowledge on our traditional food. We know about vegetables and ingredients that went in making a wholesome meal. There is also an increased demand for nutritious food especially in schools, corporates and hospitals.

Thus, Atchayapatra Foods was born. As with our other entrepreneurial ventures, we aim to make an impact in catering and food supply scenario. This is our story. The beginning of our journey.



Meet the Chef

An essential quality of the true chef is stamina. Our chef genuinely enjoy the whole process of procuring, preparing, cooking and serving food.

The commercial kitchen is a hard place to work. Our Executive Chef is an expert in giving directions to his team and maintain an amicable atmosphere in the kitchen. He guides, coaches and monitors the juniors so that the kitchen runs smoothly.

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The pleasure of variety on your plate?

Always Feeling Responsible

Our Services

Atchayapatra Foods strives to make your corporate event the best it can be with generous portions of fresh, innovative recipes at fair price. Always presented to your preference and always served and delivered on time.

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Nutrition Food Service


Corporate Catering Service


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Lunch Serve Time
Monday -Saturday: 11.30AM – 1.00PM
Dinner Serve Time
Monday -Saturday: 6.00PM – 7.30PM


Atchayapathra Foods Private Limited
Flat No. 5, Theppakulam,
(Near SBI Bank) Anuppanadi,
Madurai – 625009, Tamil Nadu.


Atchayapathra Foods – Factory
#31/2A,Plot No.2,Sathiya Nagar,
MGR Nagar Extension, Anuppanadi ,
Madurai – 625001, Tamil Nadu.