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Are you looking to add more fiber on your nutrition menu? Yes, we are here to fulfil your wants and needs with fiber rich eatables. In Atchayapathra Foods, we are providing Fiber Rich Food Delivery. Fiber which is used to regulate the whole body’s usage of sugar and monitor the hunger level. Fiber consumption will lead with low risk of high cholesterol and hypertension. Grown-ups required within 25 and 38 grams of fiber per day.

6 Efficient Fiber Rich Food


Beans are an easy way to cheat fiber into your diet in soups and salads. They are rich in protein and fiber. Consuming beans will support you to reach your daily fiber goals. Several varieties include more than 7 grams of fiber in a half cup portion.


Carrots has beta carotene which will help to improve the eye vision obstacles. Steamed carrots or raw, you will get the gains of 4.68 grams of fiber per cup.To reach the daily fiber goals you need to take 6 cups of carrot. Carrots are highly nutritious and a good source of beta carotene, antioxidants, vitamin K1, fiber and potassium. They’re having number of health benefits also weight-loss-friendly food. They have been connected to lower cholesterol levels and enhanced health of eye. Usually, in south indian food it is used to make curries and sambar.


Cauliflower is used as low carb option, which is an alternative for starchy pizza and burgers. To fulfil your daily fiber goals, you should have 8.5 cups of cauliflower. It is a heart-friendly vegetable also contains sulforaphane antioxidant. Sulforaphane decreases the inflammatory damage effected by oxidative stress, a process that plays a central role in the development of heart trouble. Occasionally, cauliflower (also known as ‘Gobi’) used to make Gobi Manchurian, Gobi 65, curry and fries too.

Whole grains

Whole grains contains protein and high levels of fibrous material, which gives a high amount of fiber. Cracked wheat, also known as Bulgur has the most fiber of all grains per cup 8.2 grams fiber in it. Different grains high in fiber that are khorasan-wheat(kamut), pearl barley, teff, buckwheat, quinoa, oatmeal, brown rice and whole wheat bread. Normally, in India we used whole grains to make healthy food which includes bread, roti and chapathi too.

Dried Fruits and Nuts

Dried fruits that are dates, figs and prunes can increase your fiber consumption excessively and are highly recommended for those who have constipation problems. Nuts are rich in fiber and protein which is used to boost you immunity. Naturally, these fruits contains the sugar called sorbitol that can help your internal parts and lead to extra convenience. Generally, these are contains vitamins and protiens which is used to improve the immunity and avoid diabetes and cholesterol. Dried fruits are delicious and tasty to eat also have proteins, fiber, vitamins and minerals.


Naturally, Apples are particularly tasty and satisfying fruit also relatively high in fiber. They are having vitamin C and various antioxidants. They have low calorie count which is multiple benefits for your health.  A medium-sized, raw apple contains 4.4 grams. Pectin, contains a portion of fiber comes from soluble and insoluble fibers. Apples are having two properties, that are low calorie and high fiber contents make them a nutrition food. It helps to burn the calories for weight loss.


Our Atchayapathra Foods provided Fiber Rich Vegetarian Food Delivery particularly we provide fiber rich homemade food. fiber rich food helps you to boost your immunity and strength. In our company, we deliver home cooked delicious food from our kitchen. We are making good food with love, so eat healthy and stay happy. Keep in touch with our Atchayapathra Foods.



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