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March 30, 20210

பழமை மாறா உணவு: ஒரு சமூகத்தின் பாரம்பரியம் அதிகம் அறியப்படுவது உணவின் மூலம் தான். ஒவ்வொரு நாட்டிற்கும் மண்ணுக்கும் அதன் பாரம்பரிய உணவே பெரும் அழகு சேர்க்கும். அதை காப்பது நம் அனைவரின் கடமையாகும். பழமை மாறா பாரம்பரிய உணவும் அதன் நன்மைகளை பற்றியும் தெளிவாக காணலாம். பாரம்பரிய உணவுகளில் இட்லி, இடியாப்பம், அடை தோசை மற்றும் பெசரட்டு ஆகியவை பற்றி இங்கு காண்போம். இட்லி தென்னிந்தியாவில் எந்த உணவகத்துக்குப் போனாலும், உணவுப் பட்டியலில் முதலில் இருப்பது […]


February 25, 20210

Heart disease is a general term which covers a various diseases that affects the heart including heart-failure, angina and coronary artery disease etc. The main causes of heart disease such as Hypertension: Hypertension or otherwise known as high blood pressure is becoming increasingly among all age of peoples. As well as, it is the major […]


February 25, 20210

Healthy Foods to Control Diabetes Beans Beans are one of the superfoods for diabetes. They are having a very less on the glycemic index and it will help to manage blood sugar levels greater than many other starchy foods. Beans offer a notable combination of plant protein and soluble fiber that may help boost feelings […]


February 25, 20210

We know that healthy habits, like eating well, exercising, and avoiding the harmful substances, make sense, but did you ever stop thinking about why you practice them? A healthy habit is any behavior that will more advantages your mental, physical, and also emotional health. These habits may enhance your overall well-being and create you feel […]


February 25, 20210

Leafy Vegetables Fenugreek Leaves Fenugreek leaves are also known as “Methi leaves”. However, it is one of the most used green Healthy Leaf Vegetables. In fact, these leaves can instantly ensure the flavor of any food. As well as, it is used in several cuisines, especially Indian. These leaves are utilize for medicinal benefits to […]


February 25, 20210

Most of the parents may understand that veggies should be the most essential part of the child’s diet. Because vegetables contain a good source of the fiber, vitamins, and also minerals. In order to, many parents have a very hard time getting their kids to eat a few if any vegetables on a regular basis. Colorful […]


February 25, 20210

It’s no secret that Indian cooking most always includes spices. In fact, spices are the soul of Indian Kitchen. If it is a simple or special dish, the use of a certain type of spice is guaranteed. Every spice has its unique flavor and also used for health and medicinal purposes. Here, top four Healthy […]


February 25, 20210

High-Protein Veggies: Protein is used to transit hemoglobin which carries oxygen to all the cells of our body and it carries both vitamins and minerals to the cells that need them. For a healthy body, it is vital to load up on essential nutrients. One of the most important nutrients the body requires is protein. […]


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