Special Healthy Food Menu

Traditional and Healthy Food Menu: We serve tasty home-cooked food on a subscription by leveraging a vast home chef network. The food we serve is prepared in home kitchens by intense home chefs about us who transfer a love for food and a passion for cooking. Every plate of food served by Atchayapathra is prepared using the freshest, top-quality ingredients based on authentic, regional recipes. Our food is also free from chemical-based colours, taste enhancers or preservatives. Nowadays, it’s very easy to buy tasty food anywhere. But it isn’t easy to access nutritious food free from artificial tastemakers. Atchayapathra Foods shares the creation of delivering nourishing, home-cooked food prepared using quality ingredients that improve the food’s taste.

Fresh and Quality Ingredients

When cooking with fresh ingredients, your meals can maintain more nutrients than processed foodstuffs. Yet, in many cases, processed foods have been in contact with pesticides or other unnatural substances. Therefore, to improve your health, We always try to avoid processed food and use only fresh ingredients in Our Kitchen. When eating, you enjoy getting the most flavour possible from your food, so it is important to use fresh ingredients. Preserved food loses taste over time, but fresh ingredients with no preservatives provide a more true flavour. For the best result in taste and nourishment, we use fruits and vegetables within 48 hours of purchasing them. Also, We use only the first quality ingredients for Lunch, Breakfast and Dinner. So at Actchayapathra Foods, the taste of the food is very nice and healthy home cooked food.

Traditional and Healthy Food Menu

Traditional foods are foods and dishes that have been passed on through the years and have been consumed for many generations. Traditional foods and dishes are traditional and may have a historical precedent in a national dish, regional cuisine or local cuisine. Here Atchayapathra Foods, Purely Focus on traditional foods for Lunch, Dinner, Breakfast and Snacks. Dishes are authentic, and traditionally cooked foods are delivered to your Doorstep. Traditional foods are both tasty and more healthy the usage of different spices like black pepper, Ginger are very healthy Homemade Food Delivery. Using different Pulses in the food makes everyone fit and healthy on the lunch and dinner menu. Fresh, Quality and traditional food for your daily Lunch, Breakfast and Dinner makes you more fit and energetic all day.

How does On-time Food Delivery help the Customers?

Apart from being suitable and reliable, food delivery services are also a way for customers to access the food easily. Timely deliveries make for high customer and client happiness. Not only will accepting their goods on time please them, but warm services will make for a pleasant delivery process. In addition, certain goods have an extinction date, so that they may require delivery within strict timeframes. Food delivery helps bachelors, Old aged Persons, who cannot cook, Who are Hospitalized etc. It is very helpful for all kinds of Food Needs.

Atchayapathra’s Homecooked Food Delivery Service

We Deliver food to your Doorstep on time for Lunch, Breakfast and Dinner. We are a suitable choice for you if you want home-cooked food. On a subscription basis, foods are Delivered to you on time. Monthly and Weekly Subscription plans are available. Subscribe to Atchyapathra Foods for your lunch, Dinner and Breakfast.


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Lunch Serve Time
Monday -Saturday: 11.30AM – 1.00PM
Dinner Serve Time
Monday -Saturday: 6.00PM – 7.30PM


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