Ancient South Indian Foods Cooking Process Of Kambu Variety


Cooking Process of Traditional Kambu Varieties
Ancient South Indian Foods: To live a healthful life, it is more important to consume healthy foods. In ancient days, peoples used to eat this kind of foods and lived healthily for a long time. So practice eating these healthy foodstuffs at least thrice in a week.
Achayapathra Kambu Main
Traditional Kambu
Traditional Kambu

In specific, one of the variety of healthy millets is pearl millet (kambu, also known as bajra). The traditional ancient south Indian foods, cuisines have more health benefits. Thus it is considered as medicinal foods. Here are some healthy south Indian food recipes

Dosa – Kambu

Achayapathra Dosa
Bajra Dosa
Bajra Dosa

The things essential to prepare a delicious pearl millet dosa are pearl millet, rice idli, urad dal, oil, and salt.


Step1: Wash and rinse the idli rice, pearl millet, urad dal separately for 3-4 hours
Step2: Grind these three items separately with the rinsed water in a grinder
Step3: Mix all these three batters and add salt as you required. Ferment it overnight
Step4: Take some batter in a bowl and dilute with water for pouring consistency
Step5: Heat your dosa tawa and prepare dosas with required oil. The crispy and healthy dosa is ready.

Idly – Kambu

Achayapathra Idli
Bajra Idly
Bajra Idly

The simple and healthy dish for breakfast is pearl millet idly. The constituents for this idly requires pearl millet, rice idli, urad dal, and salt.


Step1: Follow the preparation steps 1 to 3 of pearl millet dosa
Step2: For dosa, the batter should be in pouring consistency and for idly, the batter should not be too thick as well as not too thin. It must be a persistent form. The batter is ready.
Step3: Apply the drop of oil in an idly plate and fill it with a ladle of batter
Step4: Steam the idlies for 15 minutes and switch off your gas stove. The spongy pearl millet is ready to taste.


Achayapathra Chutney 1
Kambu Chutney
Kambu Chutney

Usually, the perfect match to taste pearl millet dosa is the same species of chutney. The constituents to prepare this chutney are pearl millet, urad dal, bengal gram, onion, red chilli, mustard, asafoetida, cumin, curry leaves, and salt.


Step1: Pour some oil in a pan and heat it. Fry red chilli, Bengal gram, urad dal until it becomes golden brown.
Step2: Add some shallots and millets to it and leave it for sometimes to cool. Then grind it in a mixie with salt. The chutney paste is ready.
Step3: pour some oil in a pan and heat it. Add the cumin, mustard, asafoetida, and curry leaves with it. Wait for a minute to splutter. Mix the chutney paste with it. The tasty pearl millet chutney is ready.

Vada – Kambu

Achayapathra Vadai
Kambu Vada
Kambu Vada

If you want to feed your kids with ancient healthy foods in their preferred way, then pearl millet vada is the right choice. The ingredients essential to making a grinded bajra, red chilli powder, wheat flour, green chilli, chopped onion, coriander and mint leaves, oil, and salt.


Step1: Rub well and rinse the millet for 30 minutes.
Step2: Grind the rinsed millets in a paste form and add the wheat flour in it.
Step3: Add the coriander leaves, mint, green chilli, and red chilli powder and mix it completely. Add salt as you required. Now the vada mic is ready.
Step4: Pour the oil in a pan and heat the oil for 2 minutes. Then deep fry the vada mix in the oil. The tastiest and crispy healthy vada is ready to taste.

Idiyappam – Kambu

Achayapathra Idiyaapam
Kambu Idiyappam
Kambu Idiyappam

This is one of the ancient healthy south Indian breakfast that requires very few essential things for preparation. They are pearl millet flour, hot water, oil, and salt.


Step1: Fry the pearl millet in a pan for 5 to 10 minutes.
Step2: Keep the fried millets along to cool. Then grind it until it becomes powdery.
Step3: Take the powdered millet in a big vessel and mix it with required hot water. The flour paste is ready.
Step4: Add salt to the flour paste and mix it until it becomes the consistent thick batter.
Step5: Pour the batter in idly plates and steam it for 10 minutes.
Step6: Fill the batter in shev press (Idiyappa Kuzhal) and squeeze it. The delicious pearl millet shevyo is prepared.

Rice – Kambu

Achayapathra Sadam
Kambu Rice
Kambu Rice

The healthiest meal for an afternoon is pearl millet rice that requires pearl millet, water, and salt for preparation.


Step1: Rub well and rinse the pearl millets in a big vessel for 30 minutes.
Step2: Transfer these millets into a pressure pan and pour some water for steam. Add salt to taste.
Step3: Leave the pressure pan for 3to 4 whistles. The healthy rice is ready for your midday meal.

Roti – Kambu

Achayapathra Roti
Kambu Roti
Kambu Roti

Feed your kid’s with tastiest healthy snack pearl millet roti. The ingredients required to prepare this roti are pearl millet flour, warm water, onion, green chilies, salt, and ghee or butter.


Step1: Take some pour millet flour in a big vessel and add the required amount of salt in it.
Step2: Pour some water into the vessel and mix. It must be in pouring consistency. The batter is ready.
Step3: Chop the onions and green chillies into small pieces and mix it with the batter.
Step4: Heat the dosa tawa and grease butter or ghee in it. Make roti’s with the batter in your preferred way.

KozhuKattai -Kambu (Dumplings)

Achayapathra Kolukattai
Kambu Dumplings
Kambu Dumplings

The pearl millet dumplings are the healthy and tastiest evening snack to taste. The ingredients to prepare this dumpling are pearl millet flour, grated coconut, jaggery, cardamom powder, water, and salt.


Step1: Roast the pearl millet in a pan until you get a good smell and make the flour.
Step2: Mix the cardamom powder in the flour and add the required salt.
Step3: Add jaggery water with to the flour and mix it along with grated coconut. (Similar to the preparation of normal kozhukattai).
Step4: The flour should be in holding consistency when you hold it and breaks when you press it.
Step5: Take a hand full of flour and hold it for kozhukattai. Then arrange it in an idly plate and place it for steaming. Then remove it from the idly plates afterwards. The sweetest pearl millet dumpling is ready.

Koozh – Kambu (Porridge)

Achayapathra Kampu kool
Kambu Koozh
Kambu Koozh

The Ancient South Indian Foods cultured famous healthy drink to keep your body fit and prevent from many diseases. It is a simple drink that does not take more time to prepare. At the same time, very few ingredients are required to prepare this tastiest drink. The ingredients are pearl millet, water, shallots, sour curd, and salt.


Step1: Take the pearl millet in a bowl, rinse it for few hours and rub well.
Step2: Grind the millets till it gets the paste consistency.
Step3: Boil it for few minutes in simmer flame with essential water and stir it until it gets pasty.
Step4: Take the pasty boiled pearl millets and mix it with sour curd and add salt to taste
Step5: Add chopped shallots into the drink. The tastiest and healthy pearl millet porridge is ready within 20 minutes.

Puttu -Kambu

Achayapathra Puttu
Kambu Puttu
Kambu Puttu

This is one of the healthiest evening snacks with more health benefits. The things needed to prepare this puttu are millet flour, grated coconut, sugar, water, salt, and cardamom.


Step1: Grind the pearl millet and make it as a semi coarse powder.
Step2: Add salt to the powder and mix it well.
Step3: Pour some water in that powder and mix it well to make a batter.
Step4: Transfer this batter in to the idly plate and place it to steam for 10 minutes.
Step5: After 10 minutes release it from the idly plate and mix sugar and grated coconut to it. The tasty pearl millet puttu is prepared shortly to taste.


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