Incredible Madurai Famous Foods Recipes That Tickles Your Taste Bud


Tickles Your Taste Buds
The City “Madurai” has numerous historical places and monuments. Likewise, this city is famous for some food items especially Mushy Idly, Golden Dosa, Bun Parotta, Idiyappam, Jigarthanda, Paruthi Pal. The sweetest fact of this city is, one can get their foodstuff at any time even at midnight. So the Madurai city specifically called “Thoonga Nagaram.” These special Madurai famous food recipes have the unique taste and remain the tourists to remember the Madurai city forever.
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Famous Temple City

The respectable and trustable peoples, famous historical monuments and also mainly famous food items are the specialty of the Madurai that adds credit to the city. Here are some famous foods of Madurai:

  • 1. Soft and Spongy Idly
  • 2. Crispy and Golden Dosa
  • 3. Bun Parotta
  • 4. Yum Yum Idiyappam
  • 5. Jil Jil Jigarthanda
  • 6. Traditional Paruthi Paal
1. Soft and Spongy Idly

Achayapathra Idly 2

Mushy Idly

Mushy Idly

Usually, Madurai is famous for the Jasmine flower (Malli Poo). This specialty turns the name of normal idly to Malli poo idly that represents the softness of the food. Hence, the name Malli Poo Idly is for a reason. The mushy idly with varieties of chutneys add more taste to the food. Once a person tastes this idly, its taste remains in them for their lifelong. The foods of different taste remember the city again and again. The dishes like tomato, coriander leaves, and coconut chutneys are the perfect match to taste the idly.

2. Crispy and Golden Dosa

Achayapathra Dosa

Crispy and Golden Dosa

Crispy and Golden Dosa

The name golden dosa resembles the crispiness of it. It is the most lovable breakfast for the kids well as the adults. The dosa with the perfect match of sambar spur everyone to eat. The crispy and crunchy golden dosa tempts the taste buds of every person. Not only famous for paper dosa but also in ghee dosa, masala dosa, rava dosa, onion dosa, and some other varieties. All these kind of dosa has exclusive tang specifically in Madurai.

3. Bun Parotta

Achayapathra Parotta

Bun Parotta

Bun Parotta

Though it is a common food in all cities, it is exceptional in Madurai. The name bun Parotta represents us the puffiness of it. Additionally, the city is known for its famous food Parotta. When anyone hears the name Madurai, the two things strike in their mind is jasmine flower and bun Parotta. Because of its incomparable taste, any side dish is apt for it. Additionally, many of the peoples preferred to eat simply parotta without any side dishes. This also happens for its taste.

4. Yum Yum Idiyappam

Achayapathra Idiyappam

Yum Yum Idiyappam

Yum Yum Idiyappam

The most traditional as well as the healthy food from ancient days that is more delicious to eat. Idiyappam with paneer gravy is the suitable food for the breakfast. Rather than this, there is the more suitable side dish for this food like coconut milk, vegetable paya is more delicious to eat, and it is a remarkable food item in Madurai city. It is also known as noolappam and noolputtu.

5. Jil Jil Jigarthanda

Achayapathra Jigarthanda

Jil Jil Jigarthanda

Jil Jil Jigarthanda

Jigarthanda is a popular drink in south India, especially in Madurai. The preparation of this drink is a simple process with full of natural ingredients. It is made with chilled milk, reduced milk, ice cream and natural ingredients like Nannari. and Badam Pisin. As a matter of fact, Jigarthanda is well-known for its taste and also for the health benefits. It is a perfect drink for summer and scorches the body heat.

6. Traditional Paruthi Paal

Achayapathra Paruthi Paal

Traditional Paruthi Paal

Traditional Paruthi Paal

The cottonseed milk recipe (Paruthi Paal) is a traditional healthy drink that offers more health benefits. Paruthi pal is made of cotton seeds, jaggery, coconut and flour of raw rice. This drink is obtainable only in a very few cities in the State, and Madurai is one amongst them. As for the health feature, it is good for those who suffer from a cough and cold problems.


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