Benefits Of Some Leafy And Non Leafy Vegetables


Leafy Vegetables


Fenugreek Leaves


Fenugreek leaves are also known as “Methi leaves”. However, it is one of the most used green Healthy Leaf Vegetables. In fact, these leaves can instantly ensure the flavor of any food. As well as, it is used in several cuisines, especially Indian. These leaves are utilize for medicinal benefits to treat diabetes and also kidney ailments.


Impressive Benefits


Cholesterol: This leaf has an incredibly strong effect on blood lipid levels. Thus for people suffering from lipid fluctuations can benefit from this herb. Hence, it cuts down the cholesterol levels, triglycerides, and LDL by pulling up their HDL levels.

Reduce Heart Problems: As a matter of fact, it is the most vital characteristics of fenugreek leaves which helps in reduction of platelet creation. Therefore, helps in reducing the chances of unanticipated blood clotting in the heart.

Protects from Kidney Problems: Several medical researchers have named fenugreek leaves as a useful medium for battling not only kidney problems but also mouth ulcers and beriberi disease.


Mint Leaves


With its distinctively spicy taste, mint leaves are often an ingredient. These leaves add flavor and nutrition to various recipes and chewing on whole leaves can have some health benefits and ward off some medical conditions.


Impressive Benefits


Allergies: Mint vegetables contain an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent known as rosmarinic acid. This has been studied for its effectiveness in relieving seasonal allergy symptoms and revealing a promising natural treatment.

Treats Asthma: Mint possesses relaxant properties and is consider to be extremely helpful for asthma patients as it relives congestion. However, the quantity of mint usage needs to be kept in check as excess use may lead to irritation in the stomach and nose.

Aids in weight loss: Mint leaves consumption enhances that you healthily lose the extra flab. It enables the release of digestive enzymes which further on consume the fat content of the body to ensure energy. Therefore, it enhances that instead of the fat getting accumulated and it is use in fact to produce more energy.


Amaranth Leaves


Amaranth greens are nutritious and edible leafy vegetables. It is one of the staple foods and its growth is mainly concentrate in tropical climates of Latin Americas, Asia and Africa.


Impressive Benefits


Improves Bone Quality: Amaranth leaves contain several ranges of vitamins and minerals, which includes a high concentration of calcium. Since, there are very few leafy vegetables which contain a higher level of calcium that making it a superfood in terms of boosting bone strength and preventing osteoporosis.

Prevents Atherosclerosis: It contains the potassium content that helps lower blood pressure by dilating the blood vessels. As well as, it reduces the strain on the cardiovascular system, thereby lowering the chances of developing atherosclerosis.

Improves Vision: The significant level of carotenoids and vitamin A found in amaranth leaves is a major benefit for eye health, as these antioxidants can prevent macular degeneration and slow, stops the development of cataracts.

Non-leafy Vegetables




Capsicum is an evergreen vegetable which grows in tropical climates. It comes in variants of yellow, green, and red colors. In addition, being an ancestral culinary spice provides with an array of health benefits when consumed; especially cancer and arthritis.


Impressive Benefits


Supports the Immune System: To determine, Vitamin C is important for maintaining a healthy immune system and for building strong collagen to support skin and joints. As well as, Vitamin K aids in the formation of blood clots. It is vital for developing strong bones and protection of cells from oxidative damage.

Cures Iron Deficiency: Red bell peppers offer almost 300 percent of the daily vitamin C requirement. In fact, vitamin C is important for the proper absorption of iron. Therefore, those suffering from iron deficiency should consume red peppers.

Improves Overall Health: Stimulating the production of gastric juices, this vegetable improves the appetite, lowers cholesterol, boosts metabolism, strengthens the immune system and ensures resistance to sinus, cold, sore throat. Moreover, it helps in weight loss, regulating blood pressure and enhancing athletic performance.


Lady’s Finger


Lady’s finger is otherwise known as “Okra” is a well-known vegetable that is grown and consumed in almost every part of the world.


Impressive Benefits


Anemia: A person suffering from anemia can get the maximum benefits of this vegetable. It helps the body produce more red blood cells that help to treat anemia. However, it contains many vitamins and minerals. Some of them are Vitamin-A, Vitamin-C, magnesium, etc., that help in producing more red blood cells in the body.

Sore Throat and Cough: It is utilize to treat sore throat and severe cough. A person suffering from sore throat and cough can consume this vegetable. Its antibacterial and antiseptic properties will do their magic.

Improves Skin Health: In fact, it helps to enhance skin health. The antioxidants help to purify the blood, reduce acne and other skin diseases, which are cause by the impurities in the blood.




Impressive Benefits

Takes Care Of Your Heart: It contains Vitamin B6, Vitamin C, potassium and phytonutrient and, thus, is good for overall heart health. Eggplant helps to maintain the cholesterol level in our body by increasing the intake of good cholesterol and lowering bad cholesterol.

Improves Cognitive Function: As a matter of fact, brinjal is a rich source of phytonutrients that are known to enhance cognitive ability and to improve overall brain health. These phytonutrients reduce the disease-causing free radicals from our body and protect our brain from getting affected.

Helps To Fight Cancer: It has polyphenols which exhibit anti-cancer effects. The anthocyanins and chlorogenic acid present in eggplant function as antioxidants and anti-inflammatory. As well as, it help to fight the effects of cancer. These compounds help to eliminate the harmful free radicals in our body and therefore, protect our cells. Visit us Atchayapathra Foods


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