Everyone Should Know The Harmful Effects Of Ajinomoto


Ajinomoto, the most popular ingredient flavor that enhances the food taste. In fact, you can already found that in Chinese dishes. But these days, the usage of Ajinomoto is increasing rapidly. The tasty flavor “Ajinomoto” is otherwise known as Monosodium Glutamate. However, there are various harmful side effects of Ajinomoto. In today’s world, many people intake fast food and packaged food. The maximum number of package food we buy includes this tasty ingredient known as Ajinomoto. Previously, you may hear the term “Ajinomoto” as a food flavor. It is a Japan-based food and chemical corporation that produces MSG. Since, this ingredient is added to many types of foods to improve the entire taste.

Common Problems of Ajinomoto

  • Sweating is the common issue of Ajinomoto. As well as, the more usage of sodium salt can lead to brain damage
  • Generally, this Ajinomoto can lead to laziness. Even cold or sneezing are other health issues of taking MSG
  • When having the Ajinomoto, it leads to a burning stomach sensation is experienced
  • This sodium salt can lead to other health issues such as joint and muscle pain specifically in knees. In fact, it reduces bone strength and also calcium content
  • At the same time, it can lead fluctuations in blood pressure level. Since high or low blood pressure levels, an arrhythmia is the major side effect of having MSG

Effects of Monosodium Glutamate or Ajinomoto

The major harmful effects of Monosodium Glutamate or Ajinomoto such as

  • Hypertension
  • Effects on Brain
  • Headache
  • Effects on Nerves
  • Sleeping Disordered Breathing
  • Risk of Cancer


Individuals with hypertension need to restricted salt in their daily food to manage and maintain their blood pressure within the normal range. According to research, it showed that sodium chloride includes 40% sodium.

Effect on Brain

In that case, glutamate serves as a neurotransmitter in the brain. Since this neurotransmitter is store in the nerve endings. As well as, it is useful by the nerve cells. As a matter of fact, the high intake of MSG can have adverse effects on the brain and prolonged intake can lead to damage. In final, the amount of MSG which can be added to food and its effect on the brain needs to be determined.


Generally, the common side effect of Ajinomoto is “Headache”. The consumption of Ajinomoto is continuing can cause a headache. Later, this headache can transform into a migraine. Finally, it will be more critical. However, this migraine headache consists of intense pain that happens with various symptoms that include vision modification, or nausea.

Effects on Nerves

As a matter of fact, the repetitive consumption of monosodium glutamate can also affect Nerves. It can lead to various issues such as tingling, burning sensation in the neck and face. In fact, this MSG is a neurotransmitter that induces the nerves and misbalances the neurotransmitters. These disorders can contain diseases like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and Huntington’s has a connection with Ajinomoto.

Sleeping Disordered Breathing

Sleep Disordered breathing determines the sleep-related breathing issue. This monosodium glutamate includes food experiencing sleep patterns and snoring issues. At the same time, these people are at an improved risk of developing sleeping disordered breathing. Based on one research, the consumption of Ajinomoto will improve the risk of snoring and sleep-disordered breathing.

Risk of Cancer

As a matter of fact, the relation between MSG and cancer is identify by anecdotal proof. Since it does not provide scientific evidence, but the American Institute for cancer research suggests. There is plenty of evidence which helps to support Ajinomoto has cancer-triggering capabilities. As well as, the consumption of monosodium glutamate can increase the chances of cancer. Undoubtedly, when you come across that you are sensitive to Ajinomoto, it is very important and better to avoid it.

Final Thoughts

In the final analysis, the Monosodium Glutamate or Ajinomoto has different types of harmful side effects. This means that we should avoid and deduct the consumption of food products that contain MSG. At Atchayapathra Foods, we follow the basic principles to prepare healthy meals subscription, monthly food delivery. Important to realize, one of our principles is, we do not use Ajinomoto to make foods. However, our healthy foods are very tasty to eat. Visit us Atchayapathra Foods


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