Healthy Veg Lunch: Satisfying Healthy Veg Lunch On Your Doorsteps


Healthy Veg Lunch

Pepper Rice

Pepper rice is delicious, and it is one of the healthy vegetarian lunch. It is one of the most popularly used spices. As well as, it is a spicy flavor that goes well with many dishes. In fact, pepper is a rich source in potent antioxidants known as a pipeline, which helps to prevent free radical damage to your cells. Also, it helps to prevent blood sugar. In fact, pepper increases the absorption of important nutrients and beneficial plant compounds. Also, it promotes gut health, provides pain relief, and reduces appetite.

Coriander Rice

Coriander rice, healthy south Indian variety rice. In fact, it is a rich source of fiber, minerals, vitamins, etc. As well as, it is well-known for the whole body and cures almost certain diseases. Coriander is useful for digestive issues that contain stomach upset, loss of appetite etc. This leaf is useful as a culinary spice, and it is useful to prevent food poisoning. This food comes up with various skin benefits, which include mild rashes. According to one research, coriander helps to protect against the nerve-cell damage due to its antioxidant properties.

Lemon Rice

Lemon Rice is a popular dish among South Indians. This rice is the nutritional dish, including carbohydrates, fats, potassium, fiber, Vitamin A, C, E, calcium, iron, zinc, and manganese, etc. It helps to deducts cholesterol. Further, it helps to prevent kidney stones. Lemon contains citric acid that helps to prevent anemia. The soluble fiber present in lemons could help to improve digestive health.

Green Gram Rice

Green Gram rice is one of the healthy foods. Due to it is loaded with protein, iron, and also many other important nutrients, which is well-suitable for all ages of people. As a matter of fact, this rice is the best way to include to your diet. At the same time, it is one of the most recommended vegetarian superfoods. In fact, Iron helps in the proper production of red blood cells. Even, it helps to prevent anemia and increase the overall blood circulation in the body as well. Green gram has a low glycemic index. However, it helps to bring down insulin, blood glucose, etc.

Healthy Veg Lunch – Curry Leaves Rice

Curry leaves are the most popular homemade food in India due to its aroma and striking taste. It is a simple leaf with amazing flavor and provides various health benefits. It is well-suitable for the source of nutrients for hair growth and prevents premature greying of hair. Eating curry leaves can protect your liver’s very healthy. However, they are beneficial in liver conditions such as cirrhosis. Also, it protects the liver from several infections. In the final analysis, the above mentioned healthy vegetarian lunch that are included in our meals subscription. At Atchayapathra Foods, we deliver the healthy dinner and monthly food delivery services. Visit us Atchayapathra Foods


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