Healthy And Nutrition Food For A Baby Growth Development


Nutrition Food: Start your little one’s journey into solid food as well as healthy and Nutrition Foods the right way in above eight months. Many moms eagerly wait for that moment when they start eating foods. Why? It is more fun to watch their expressions on those little faces change as they taste new flavors!

Nutrients Requirements For Above 8 Months Old Babies

Babies have a higher need for energy, minerals, and vitamins. As you starting solid foods, to focus on healthy and Nutrition Foods to support your baby’s healthy growth and also taste development. Here are the nutritional components of food for 8-month-old kids such as

Calcium: Calcium is essential for their bone and development of teeth.

Protein: Proteins are a must for the growth of baby as they act as the building block of cells.

Vitamins: Several vitamins contribute to the growth of the baby and also the vitamins include Vitamin A, B1, B2, B3, B6, B12, C, D, E and K are essential to the baby. As well as, it also helps to increase their immune system.

Minerals: Minerals such as sodium and potassium directly influence the growth of the baby.

Iron: Although iron helps to oxygenated blood to all the developing parts of their body.

Nutrition Food and Healthy Foods

Healthy foods have nutrients that are essential for growth, development and also learning. Each food has different nutrients that help your little one’s health need to grow and also work correctly.


Idly is good for babies that provide energy as well as nutrients to babies growing body. However, it is easy to digest, steamed and also proteins are a good amount for keeping your baby bouncing with health and energy. The fineness and the ease of digestibility can help your baby taste. As well as, it is a great boost provider for the immunity system and also the digestive system. And also make it entirely satisfying for your baby. Hence, idly is such a filling and nutritious meal.


Idiyappam is a healthy and Nutrition Foods, traditional and also easily digestible steamed food that can be given to babies from 8 months. However, idiyappam with rice flour that is ideal for a child.  As well as, it is a healthy dish that consists of fats and carbohydrates. Since it mainly consists of wheat flour, it can nourish you with minerals.


This steamed dosa can be given to babies that ensures easier digestion. Generally, they like to eat dosa. It’s one of the best ways to sneak in some vegetables. Steamed dosa is one of the easily digestible. Hence dosa contains a mixture of daal with rice provides nutrient content and fermented products. Therefore, it is good for digestion and also avoids choking. Carbohydrates are present in dosa that helps to boost the metabolic rates.

Carrot Uthappam

Carrots are high in fiber and are very good for eyes. It is a known source of nutrition to growing babies. As well as, it improves vision, blood circulation and also keeps the baby energized all day Homemade food. Rich in calcium that helps to boost their immunity.

Atchayapathra Highlights – Nutrition Food

  • No artificial colors
  • No vanaspati
  • Clean water for food preparation
  • No reuse of cooking oil
  • Fresh vegetables for cooking
  • No wastage of food
  • Safe and nontoxic packaging
  • No added preservatives

Atchayapathra Foods provides fresh and healthy meals every day based on subscription Box vegetarian food delivery services. Hence these foods are good for your little ones. As well as, we deliver meals to Corporate Employees, Hospital Staff, and School Students. Our Intentional Policy is High-Quality Daily Cooked Fresh Foods serving at a correct time. Visit us Atchayapathra Foods


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