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Our Unrivaled Services

Atchayapathra Foods, preeminent preparers and deliverers of hygienic and healthy foods to the customers in their preferred way. This facilitates and offers more services for the customers especially for the working women who struggled to work in their workplace as well as to prepare foods for their family. Our unrivaled services offer weekly subscription, monthly subscription, and also yearly subscription of foods that are healthy, tasty, and cost effective.

Organic Farming Vegetables

Achayapathra Organic Farming
Organic Farming

To provide healthy foods, we use to cook the fresh and caliber vegetables which are cultivated from the unpolluted farms. In the same way, we prefer the vegetables which are grown with natural fertilizer rather than of using chemical pesticides. This shows our dignity towards hygienic and organic food preparation.

Hygienic Food Preparation

Achayapathra Hygienic Food Preparation
Hygienic Food Preparation

The tang of the dish depends only on the chef who prepares it. So, we cook our delicious and healthiest foods with the excellence chefs. Our preparations differ from some others through preparing varieties of food that is healthy as well as tasty.

Kids Healthy Diet

Achayapathra Kids
Kids Healthy Diet

To point out, kids of this generation usually prefer junk foods the most rather than healthy foods. Similarly, many of the working mothers struggled a lot to prepare varieties of healthy foods and used to feed the repetitive foods to their child’s. This is also a reason why kids love to eat junk foods. Therefore, our services extend to the school kids as well as college students to deliver healthy and hygienic foods in their desired way with our efficient chefs hygienic food preparation. Besides, it facilitates and supports the working mother.

Nutritive Corporate Lunches

Achayapathra Corporate
Nutritive Corporate Lunches

Due to the work stress and time inconvenient, many of the corporate employees do not concentrate on their intake. This leads to many health issues because of the consumption of many fast foods and junk foods. Our healthy food preparing and delivering services is more valuable to the corporate employees and let them to the healthful life.

Healthful Elderly Foods

Achayapathra Healthy Elderly Diet
Healthful Elderly Foods

Usually, aged peoples love to eat traditional healthy foods. To satisfy their needs, our services are worth to prepare and deliver the preferred foods of the aged peoples in their style. Our excellence chefs prepare the traditional meals that tempt the taste bud of the eaters especially the aged persons. Hence we offer our services to them.

Diabetic Diets

Achayapathra Diabetic
Diabetic Diets

As far, many of the diabetic patients struggle a lot to control their taste bud and to maintain their diabetic diet. Also, they had many restrictions on their intake. For this purpose, our superior chef’s concentrates on the preparation of nutritious foods for the diabetic patients that is healthy as well as tangy. Besides, our services exceed to the timely delivery of the ordered foods in a proper way. Visit us Atchayapathra Foods


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